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These are some examples of ads that I was involved in during the course of my working career. Some of them were part of a campaign (with concepts included as well), whereas some were just redesigning the layout to suit various media sizes.


Convert Now advertisement

1. "Convert Now" ads | TODAY (2006)

For the "Convert" campaign, we created a main visual that was to be used throughout the whole campaign in Singapore as well as for global use.

Click to view the ads (PDF format) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


2. Razer Pro|Solutions "Convert" concepts (2006)

These are some concepts that was done for the "Convert" campaign. The focus here is on the benefits of using the product.

3. Razer "Get the Unfair Advantage" ad (2006)

The ad was created specifically to promote our products as a lethal gaming arsenal that you must have. I assisted in the visualising, art direction and copy editing process.


3. Razer Trade Ad (2006)

The ad was created for a trade magazine in Latin America. As a magazine for potential trade partners, the ad had to showcase the entire slew of products that Razer offered without sacrificing on the sophisticated look.

Latin America trade ad

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