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Animation gives me the avenue to express all the imagination in my mind, to be able to combine both video with design to create interesting pieces of footage. It was so amazing to see my first initial animations come to life on the computer screen... it was as if the characters in my head were truly independent beings in front of me. It's beyond words...

I would like to consider myself more of a character animator, both in 3D and in 2D. To date, I have created two pieces of 3D character animation and one 2D animation which is a deeper study into movement and application of principles to create effective characterisation. Please contact me if you would like to view a sample of the animation.

3D Animation

"Push" Music Video (2003) ::collaborative effort::

"PUSH" is a live-action, animation music video project that I had worked on together with another Communication Design student, Pitha Tripetchsomkhun, as my final graduation project. It has been shown at the Communcation Design Graduation Show held in Brisbane, November 2003.

“PUSH” is an animated short that involves both three-dimensional characters as well as live-action, set against a lively musical background. The focus for the project is on conveying the emotions and mood of the music through character animation and cinematography. The main character for our music video is a saxophone that magically rise up from an old wooden box to perform for passer-bys. Mr Sax is accompanied by big and small bongo drums that bob to the beat of the music.

As the main character in our project is a 3D animated object, the challenge lie in how to animate the character and texture it such that it is believable to the audience. One of the main inspirations for the concept comes from seeing many short animations that have successfully combined both visual and audio elements to create a dynamic piece of animation.

saxophone setup

box setupfinal character setup

As part of an ongoing process in the project, we have created a website documenting the different stages of production and completion. My main roles in the project is to be the lead animator and do the character's set-up. Not only that we share compositing roles and give feedback to the other person on their work so that it is truly a collaborative effort.


"Suma and The Clip" (2002)

This is my first piece of animation created entirely in Maya. The characters were created with simple NURBS shapes and texturing. The setup for both characters were done with joints and Suma, the orange tiger, had a standard biped setup with joints and IKs. This simple setup allowed me to concentrate more on the animation of the characters and not be overly concerned with the other aspects whilst making it look presentable as well.

clip laughing poseSuma walking pose

I documented the whole process of creating the animation as part of my assessment as well as a form of reflective practice.

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