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Animation gives me the avenue to express all the imagination in my mind, to be able to combine both video with design to create interesting pieces of footage. It was so amazing to see my first initial animations come to life on the computer screen... it was as if the characters in my head were truly independent beings in front of me. It's beyond words...

I would like to consider myself more of a character animator, both in 3D and in 2D. To date, I have created two pieces of 3D character animation and one 2D animation which is a deeper study into movement and application of principles to create effective characterisation. Please contact me if you would like to view a sample of the animation.

2D Animation

"The Man and The Duck" (2003)

the man and the duck model sheets

This animated short is a study into movements of different characters and the application of the 12 Principles of Animation to enhance the personality and believablility of the characters.

ducky posesman poses

The story begins with the duck running across the screen. The man soon follows but loses track of where the duck is and looks around. He hears something and looks down to realise that the duck is already a level below him. Irritated, the man dashes after it again, but does not manage to catch up with the duck who out-runs him at every step. In the end, the man slowly stops running, exhausted out by the chase and he can only stare in dismay and irritation as the duck swaggers off into the distance.

The layout of the screen for the story is quite different, playing with the idea of a non-conventional, 3-tiered screen. The characters are not limited to the 'leve' that they are in, but can interact with the other whilst on one level.

tiered layout of the screen

The linework for the animation was kept clean and simple to save myself some work as well as make it easy to edit the characters. The duck was created with a "triangular" base and the man had simple clothes and hair that could provide for secondary movement without much hassle. Before drawing the keyframes, I did some studies into the movements that I wanted for my characters in a walk cycle and then adapted the cycle for runs as well as the man dragging feet sequence.

studies into the duck's movements

The sequence was then pencil-tested and adjusted before the final animation was created. The entire animation is 33 seconds long in a Quicktime movie.

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