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This is a website showcasing my works over the last five years. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Communication Design) at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia in December 2003, I am currently working as a designer in Singapore.

Constantly seeking to improve my skills and knowledge, I am always looking for opportunities to learn more and be involved in design, be it for websites, advertising creatives or even publishing layout. I have been working more on honing my print design skills, either through freelancing with a small ad-agency or working as an in-house designer. (More information about my education, work experience etc can be found in the Resume section of this website)

I also have a keen interest in photography, be it colour or black and white, and have experimented with traditional as well as digital photography.

Do feel free to drop me any comments or feedback about my works at yj[at]studio-yng[dot]com! Cheers~!

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