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I love photography for the fact that it is able to capture precious memories, not quite unlike the brain. we remember things rather sporadically unless the event had affected us tremendously. looking at photographs is a good way of recalling that memory, something like a time capsule of things that were.

My education into photography began in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, where I learnt how to take and process my own black and white images. I like black and white photography because they focus on the elements of the image, the composition rather than the colours. It is also a good way of honing my photographic skills.

All my images are taken with a Canon EOS 88 SLR camera with a 35-80mm lens. I like to use Kodak colour film and the Kodak T-Max 100 for my black and white shots. I try not to use flash whenever possible as I like to retain the original rawness of the lighting conditions as I feel it makes the image look more natural. Recently, I began to experiment with digital photography, using an Olympus 3 mega-pixel digital camera and currently a Canon Poweshot A95 5 mega-pixel camera.

  • Traditional
  • Digital
Traditional Photography

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Chair Ferris Wheel Nepalese Temple Shadows on a Wall Bubbling Tap Row of trash bins Treasury Casino

bottleneck floating flower reflection of lily bench patterns pedestal steps wisdom bridge


Digital Photography

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backlit traffic mayo prawn white rose blue nose

room lightkoalapink roses

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