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Designing for the print media is an integral part of my design interest. I have categorised the work that I have done into five sections.


Razer catalogue

Razer catalogue

1. Razer Product Catalogue (2006)

I conceptualised and designed the product catalogue for Razer's range of products from mice to keyboards.



2. Razer Pro|Solutions product catalogue (2006)

In keeping with the clean look of Razer Pro|Solutions, the catalogue is mainly white with big images and little text.


Razer Pro|Solutions  catalogue

Razer Pro|Solutions  catalogue

Everglide catalogue

Catalogue cover

3. Everglide Product Catalogue (2006)

This is a A4 (closed) double-sided catalogue that provided ample information about Everglide's products.

4. "CONVERT NOW" Campaign (2006)

I created the visuals used for the "Convert Now" campaign for the Razer Pro|Solutions line of products. Besides ads, postcards, pull-up banner, stickers etc was created to allow for distribution at roadshows, events and retail stores.

Razer Pro|Solutions postcard
Razer Postcards Razer Postcards

4. Postcard designs for Razer Copperhead (2005)

These were designed to attract attention with sleek photography, attitude headlines and at the same time convey the main selling points of the product in focus.

5. Poster and Banner designs for Razer products (2006)

Maintaining the look and feel of the Razer design, these posters and banners were used during events for branding and product recall purpose. (click here to view larger version)

Razer Product Banners/Posters

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Proposed Concepts

1. Cookbook concept, PDAD Course (2006)

Using Indesign to do a layout of a book. I decided to do a small little cookbook for people who are beginners in cooking.

I drew inspiration from American vintage visuals to do up my cookbook. The fonts used were based on those from the 50s-60s. On the inside of the cookbook, i used a pumpkin pattern paper to further enhance the visual feel of the design.

Wedding Brochure

2. Wedding Brochure concept, Ming Advertising(2005)

This was a concept for a wedding brochure for Fullerton Hotel done for Ming Advertising. Images and text were provided by hotel.



3. Calender concepts, Ming Advertising(2005)

Did a few concepts for Banyan Tree's 2006 calenders. Images provided by Banyan Tree.



Calendar concepts

Resort Brochure

4. Resort Brochure, PDAD Course (2005)

As part of the Copywriting unit, we had to create a direct mailer. My partner and I did a brochure for a resort in Thailand. Design and copy duties were split equally between the both of us.


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