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Retail design is an interesting balance of having to create work that is attractive yet providing enough information to sell the product. When I am doing retail design, I always try to put myself in the consumers' shoes so that the message is communicated through.


1. Razer Copperhead Side-Monitor Toppers (2005)

I conceptualised and implemented this informational monitor-topper that could be placed on the right side of the monitor.

The idea was that consumers would be using the mouse on the right side and this monitor topper will be able to provide them information on the product that they are testing.


1. Razer Copperhead Tent Card (2005)

This is a double-sided tent card that could be placed on monitor tops as well as on retail shelves.



2. Retail Shelving concept for Circuit City, USA (2006)

For our US office, we had to create a retail concept proposal for a shopping mall called Circuit City that will display all of Razer's products and at the same time convey a strong sense of branding as well.


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