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Web Design
Video/ Visual Works

These are some examples of works that I have done which are outside of animation and photography. I have included them here as I feel that it is a part of who I am and what I am interested in as well as a reflection of my visual style.

Web/ Interactive sites Design

Expat Living Singaproe website

1. Expat Living Singapore website (2004)

I conceptualised and revamped the website, changing it from a plain frame-based on to a more appealing layout with additional sections and information. Not only that, I also gave it a much more colourful look compared to the previous version. I also did up a webpage for the sister company, Expat Rentals.

Expat Living SingaporeExpat Rentals

2. Singaporean to Brisbane website (2001)

This is a website that will provide all the necessary and important information that international students might want to know about before coming to Brisbane (or Australia in general).

Click here to view the website (opens in a new window).


singaporean to brisbane main page

2. Razer Pro|Solutions "Convert" EDM (2006)

Together with the print and website, the EDM was disseminated to target consumers to inform them about the promotion.

Click here to view the EDM (opens in a new window).


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