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These are some examples of works that I have done which are outside of animation and photography. I have included them here as I feel that it is a part of who I am and what I am interested in as well as a reflection of my visual style.

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Since 2001, I have written for, Fineart Forum as well as Expat Living Singapore Magazine.

Reviews for

- Mandy Moore's Press Conference
- Platters Performance

Reviews for FineArt Forum (

Interview with Japan's New Media Artist, Takuji Kogo's (October 2002)
This interview was done as part of the MAAP event in Beijing. Takuji Kogo was one of the artist who participated in the event and the interview was done to ask him more about what he was going to do at MAAP as well as his own personal works.

Review of "Animated Film from Germany" exhibition (November 2002)
This article is a review of an animation exhibition held at the QCA Gallery in Southbank, Brisbane.

Review of Big [b]Other Weblog (April 2003)
The big [b]Other Weblog was set up in response to the multitude of reality shows that are proliferating the television nowadays. The review talks about the website and questions the effectiveness of this response in our weblog-logged world.

Article on Online Animation (May-June 2003)
This final article was more on issues in design, namely animation. I took a closer look at how online animation came to be attractive and some of the benefits it brings to animators around the world.


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